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Personal Debt Relief Programs

August 4th, 2022

If you have too much of unsecured liabilities, then you can find a solution through the personal debt relief program. The personal debt relief is actually meant for the monetary help and support to the people who are facing charges against their liabilities.

The recession has hit the global economy in such a way that the people are left with no money to survive. Most of the people have lost their jobs and they are surviving with the money they have saved. In order to step out of this situation, it is a wise idea to opt for personal debt relief from the financial institutions and banks. Most of the banks do not accept the claims for the settlement because it is also difficult for them to recover money from the people. The excessive use of the plastic money has lead to a situation of financial crisis in the economy.

All kinds of routine approach are useless at the time of financial breakdown of the economy. The only solution left is the personal debt relief program. This is very helpful for the common people because it will help them to clear off the old liabilities by getting approved for a fresh loan. The other option can be to request the financial firm for reducing the liabilities. Some of the companies promise to waive off the liabilities by more than 60 percent but, later they fail to do so.

The people are left with no option or alternative than to opt for the personal debt relief. If a person is full drowned in liability, the best option is to get a good financial company and request for the arrangement to reduce the liability. The support that the financial firms provide to the customers is a genuine reason to step out of the liability. However, while requesting for the settlement, the applicant should know the basic requirements and knowledge about taking monetary support from the firms. There is lot of paperwork that is to be fulfilled at the time of approaching the financial company.

If the applicant approaches a good company, then there is lot of benefits to be experienced. The financial companies are suffering because they are not being able to generate money from the old customers. The common loan takers are not able to pay off the long drawn card bills, therefore the people opt for liability reduction program.

Debt Relief Industry – Major Online Investigation Reveals Number 1 Company, Ocean of Scam Companies

June 28th, 2022

In recent months, we’ve seen many regulators and legal authorities in jurisdictions across the country signify official concern that an increasing number of companies which operate in the debt cures business today, are essentially debt relief scam operations that are out to cheat and dupe an overburdened debt-ridden population in a bad national economy. The most recent among those, is Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in New York, whose office had subpoenaed some 14 debt relief operations and one law firm in May 2009 from across the nation for investigations into their debt settlement operations.

Recent Major Debt Relief Scam Investigation by Online Review Organization

Quite coincidentally, that subject is, in fact, actually the subject matter of a recent full scale major independent investigation of the industry conducted by one reputable, independent online review organization that investigates online products and services or companies, especially in the debt cures business field, for their quality and authenticity. The results of that investigation is startling, showing that some 82.5% of the test sample group of website-based debt relief operations used (165 out of 200), were basically debt relief SCAMS. And that only 17.5 of them were of any legitimacy. There are some 12 companies nationally which the evaluations showed were of great quality, and one company that is of exceptional quality and rank exceptionally superior as the most trustworthy, and Number #1 debt relief company in America.

In its report of the findings of its investigations team just released in New York in mid May 2009, the Research division Director of the online research organization (see the link provided below at end of this article), stated that the review was prompted by the fact that,

“Consumers seem more and more today to be turning to debt relief operations for ways to pay off debts in response to the current American economic recession… most of those companies are competing to out do each other in their claims that they have the best debt relief programs. In constant advertisements on the Internet, radio and TV, they purport to provide excellence and the best services to customers on ways to pay off debts… Consequently, finding a truly good debt settlement company by a consumer under such circumstances, is not at all an easy task.”

The report adds, “With so many companies out there, they all soon start looking and sounding alike after a while, as are their TV, radio, and newspaper ads. So, how in the world can the average person tell what are good debt relief companies from the bad ones or the debt relief scams?”

The Major Findings of the Investigation

Basically, using the rigorous evaluation and ranking system devised by its review experts, called the “Key Debt Relief Evaluation Criteria” or KDREC, the review team scored and ranked 12 debt relief companies from across the country as ranking as the TOP DOZEN Online debt relief companies in the industry having the highest levels of professionalism, reliability and credibility in the critical criteria areas of evaluation for the industry — accreditation by the Bureau of Better Business and by recognized certification institution for the debt relief industry, professional reputation, charges and cost of service to consumer, results of company background checks on expertise, quality of personnel, personnel education and training, length of time in the industry, past record in the business and in delivery of the services, customer satisfaction, etc.